Boys Dress Shoes – Wizfort

Every independent shoe retailer who has bought from CSL Group has become a repeat customer. But that’s no surprise: I built this top-quality shoe company for independent retailers. We only sell to you, not to big box stores, so we mean it when we say that ordering on your terms is as easy as could be.

That’s the CSL promise: high quality shoes from a dedicated, responsive company. We’re based close to New York City in Rockland County, and serve more than 80 satisfied independent shoe retailers in the Tri-State Area.


Why do independent shoe retailers love buying from CSL Group?


CSL wholesale shoes offers only the highest quality dress and casual models for men and boys, and sells only to independent retailers. Which means you will never be undercut by a chain store on any CSL brand. Plus, we make ordering as easy as could be.

  • Open stock: Order what you want, when you want. Say goodbye to ordering a year in advance.
  • No minimum order: Small orders welcome anytime (or every time).
  • Open boxes: Get the inventory you want, not what a wholesaler wants to sell you. Pick your inventory and you’ll get exactly what you asked for—your days of dealing with “closed box” requirements are over.
  • Highly profitable: All CSL brands offer markups of 50 percent or more.
  • Fast shipping: Order by 4 PM, and your shoes ship the same day.


Contact us today, and get the edge that other independent retailers already have by dealing with CSL Group wholesale shoes.


For over five years, CSL Group has provided New York area independent retailers with the finest quality shoes for men and boys. With brands featuring all-leather uppers and lining, custom made to our specifications to meet the highest standards of comfort and durability, and terms designed to fit the needs of the independent retailer, it’s no surprise we count over 80 independent retailers among our loyal customers.


We know that independent retailers love the way CSL does business, because they keep coming back. So Contact us today, and give yourself the same advantage that all our customers enjoy.

Ease of wear meets quality in this stylish leather Lace-up Bicycle Toe Oxford from Wizfort, the perfect combination of solid construction and top quality components in a handsome, light-weight shoe.


CSL sets exacting specifications for the manufacture of Wizfort shoes, lab-testing each model for durability and comfort. Wizfort shoes feature all-leather construction inside and out, and are designed to breathe and built to last.


Wizfort offers the innovative “Flex-fit” design that makes each Wizfort shoe three sizes in one.  Wizfort shoes come with two insoles: one thick and one thin. Wear both the insoles to get a narrow fit, just the thin insole for a wide fit, or just the thick insole for a standard fit. Never wear a poor fitting shoe again.


Wizfort quality men’s shoes are available only through the CSL Group.

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at formal shoes for men, mens dress boots & men dress shoes


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